Chocolate Pizza Gift Box

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Made By Mama and made in ITALY. In this gift box, you will find the world's most delightful sweet treat, and a wonderfully wholesome cooking activity. Use our organic flour mix to create the perfect pizza dough base that feels like it’s straight out of Italy, simply by adding water and kneading. Once the dough is cooked, spread on chocolate-hazelnut spread, made with the simplest, most delectable ingredients: 60% hazelnuts, 30% cane sugar and 10% unsweetened cocoa. Top with whatever toppings delight you, and indulge.

This set comes in a  beautiful white gift box, so it's ready to give as a gift. Unless you'd rather keep it for yourself ;). Perfect for: your friend with a sweet tooth, date night, your kids, a hostess gift

What’s inside: Organic Pizza flour mix and Hazelnut-Chocolate spread