Deer Resistant Seed Mix


Sure, they are cute. But they like to eat your flowers. You may need this deer resistant seed mix to brighten that spot. Just remember, when hungry, deer will eat just about anything. This mix increases your odds. Gayfeather, lupine, lemon mint, red shirley poppy, mixed shirley poppy, red coneflower, yellow coneflower, black eyed susan, scarlet sage, soapwart, candytuft, yarrow, columbine, bachelor buttons, shasta daisy, godetia, coreopsis, larkspur, foxglove, purple coneflower, californica poppy, blanket flower

Prepare weed-free bed area, broadcast mixture evenly over the area. lightly rake the seed and gently tamp into the soil to ensure good seed to soil contact. Seed should be no deeper than 1/8". Keep the area moist to aid in germination.

Planting times: in cooler climates, plant the seeds in spring and early summer. In warmer climates plant the seeds in spring through late fall.